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Welcome to Surgewizard.com, where we provide valuable financial tips. I also summarize popular self-improvement books.

Jack Wu – Founder of surgewizard.com

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Hello, my name is Jack, and I’m from China. I studied at the school Deutsche Botschaftsschule in Peking. I have been a workaholic since I was a child, driven by dreams of a better life. Because my family was poor. One day, I made the bold decision to go to America to seek for brighter future and a better job. When I arrived in the United States (San Francisco), I had limited opportunities to find a good job with my skills. Then I moved to Pittsburgh and started studying economics at the University of Economics in the Pittsburgh Department. After I finished university, I started working for Fiverr (2015), one of the first industries that helps freelancers make money online. I was a financial adviser, and I gained over +300 satisfied clients. With a career spanning 8 years, I accumulated a wealth knowledge about finance and gained a good income.

I speak Chinese (Native), English (C2) and Spanish (C1). I was born in the capital of China (Peking). I realy enjoy reading book and make summarize of it.

I hope you learned enough information about me and you’ll learn something new on this site!

If you have more questions about me, feel free to write support@surgewizard.com

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